Saturday, November 3, 2012

Blue Yeti USB Microphone (REVIEW)

Hurricane Sandy update
Hello all! Just to let you know that I'm safe from Hurricane Sandy! 
Pretty obvious because I wouldn't be able to blog if there were problems.(LOL)
 We had strong wind and heavy rain. Prayers to the unfortunate places which got hit by the hurricane.
It somewhat reminded me about the movie "2012"


However....this post is suppose to be focused on
the Blue Yeti Microphone
But still, the microphone is still somewhat related to the hurricane. I'll tell you why.

It took me quite a long time to figure out which microphone I actually want to invest.
I wanted a good quality one, yet something which suits my price range.
I have a friend from Singapore who owns a Audio Technica AT2020. Price ranging from ($130-$150) in Canada. I was a little hesitate to get the same one as his. 
Reason is I couldn't find a price which goes with my budget; even though he said that the AT2020 is an awesome microphone.
I went onto research and found my TOP 3 choices.
Blue Yeti, Samson C01U and ATR2500

I couldn't make up my mind to choose which microphone. All of them seem to be really good.
Can barely tell the difference. Plus the prices are pretty close too. 

So I went onto eBay, founds tons of microphones. The price? A little too pricey. 
Most of the microphone sellers are based in the US. Since I'm based in Canada, I have to pay
cost of shipping ($20-$50), plus customs taxes ($???).
Basically, getting one simple microphone may cost me over $200.

I went to do more browsing and research....

Finally I came to this site call B&H Photo&Video
It's an online store based in New York, They basically sell electronic items like cameras, laptop, lighting & kits, musical instruments etc.

After many days of debating, comparing and disturbing my SG friend about microphones,
I came to a final decision that I made Blue Yeti as the winner. 
I was super worried about the custom taxes because I had NO IDEA how much the custom's going to charge me. 

Good thing that B&H offered an option which I can pay a fixed amount online and didn't have to worry about the custom taxes later. (okay seriously I need to stop this custom taxes thing, it's getting boring)

The final cost for the Blue Yeti is $123. Yesh, 123. 
I felt that it was worth the price. Original price is around -you can check here-
Free shipping in the US but not for Canada. Had to pay cost of shipping and taxes.

I purchased the microphone on Saturday. 
On Sunday I found out that there will be hurricane hitting New York and other places.
I was thinking that, will the people be safe? What are they going to do?
How about my purchase? BLAH BLAH BLAH

In the end....
2 days after they sent me a notification by e-mail saying that they will
go back to business after clearing up from the hurricane, which was a relief for me

The next day they sent me another e-mail stating that they've shipped out my item
I went online to track and what the who knows, my item has arrived ! In Toronto!
I was like............. wow, that was awesomely quick. HUGE credits to B&H and Purolator.


Yesterday..... mama signed off the parcel and there you go!
My microphone, IN THE HOUSE! woohoo! 
It took only 2 days to get here. AWESOMENESS.
As you can see (the first photo at the top) that's how it looked like.

Yah the wrapping looks nice, just crumbled up eh?
Wait let me tell me, it was SOAKED WET. No kidding.
I got worried. Okay I was a little naive. Was scared that the microphone might be soaking in a box carton.

Okay, maybe I was exaggerating. LOL~
There were big plastic bubble wrap on top for protection. 



Size of microphone compare to a penny

Foams at the bottom for fine grip and stability

Super adorable users manual booklet


Simply because I love to sing and I want to record my singing

To hear my recorded voice by using Blue Yeti

For detailed description of Blue Yeti

I guess that's about it.
Enjoying my microphone now~~
Til my next post.

Take care & God Bless

*This is not a sponsored post. Item was purchased personally*


Christine ♥ CHRiiSSYDOLLXO said...

It's nice to know you're safe from the Hurricane :) and wow, looks like it took alot of effort before you got the microphone, and good thing it came in one piece :) i'm sure you'll have fun using it. XO

❤Michiko Kawashi❤ said...


Thanks dear <3
I'm really having so much fun using it!
Can't stop recording myself. haha~~ XD

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