Sunday, April 5, 2009

i always think bad

it's satuday again! my family always goes out for grocery shopping
as dad does the grocery shopping..haha
we went to a supermarket nearby our house
that's a good news, coz i hate travelling so far! LOL
and by the way, we always get the day-pass on weekends
it's either we travel on saturday or sunday

i wokeup so late today, coz i slept at 4am last night
coudln't sleep and doesnt want to =(
wokeup from bed at 12.30pm, haha
i usually take around 1/half hours to dress up, but today..
i took only 30mins~hahahaha

it's super windy today. probably was from last night's rain
you can see that i tied my hair up, i don't usually do that
but i have to! how i wish i have a car so that my hair won't get messy~
look at my brother's face...LOL he hates the wind too

it took use around 15mins to get to our destination
i was chatting with my bro in the bus and my dad said..
"What were you guys talkin bout? Your face was full of expressions just like your mom"
hahahahaha.....i havent seen my mom for a long time =(

we had 叉烧饭 as our lunch~

i ordered 叉烧+烧鸡饭(ChaSiu+Chicken Rice)


very BIG plate! AMERICAN size serving
you barely can see this type of serving at Malaysia
after lunch my dad went for grocery shopping
my brother and I went into a CD shop instead
i bought a new Japanese Drama! ^_^
i don't know who's the actor and such
but it's about a love story

i can't wait to watch it! But I'm so busy with my schoolwork =(
my very 1st Japanese Drama.
i've only watched korean/hongkong/taiwanese dramas
Japanese....never...i actually wanted to watch One Litre Of Tears
but then totally forgotten about it


Only1eVee said...

恋空is a good one... i totalli love it whn i 1st watched it.... ^^ but d ending is so sad... sigh~~~~

♥ㄨMi¢hikㄖ♥ said...

jie..u told me the ending! ><


Vivi.Chong said...

You and bert is going to be fine la.. don worry. ^^
Btw, wheres ur mom o? how come u din see her for ? =P 38 a bit

♥ㄨMi¢hikㄖ♥ said...

en~ thx vivi ^-^

my mom's at malaysia now~ hahas
havent seen her for half a year le o =P

Vivi.Chong said...

ohh.. I see! =)
Makes me think of my mom too.. =(
Btw, the cha siu fan looks tempting.. it's really a big serving. =D

♥ㄨMi¢hikㄖ♥ said...

awww dont be sad~ we must be strong!坚强! ^_^

yeap.. it really taste good!!!
i don't care, you are so coming to canada with your panda! xP
and i'll bring you guys around


Coco Love said...

I like to get up early to go out and breathe fresh air. I feel that it is good for health and a good habit

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