Wednesday, November 20, 2013

How to get long healthy nails in 3 basic steps

It took me around two months to grow my nails this long (as shown in picture above), though I was trimming it every 2-3 weeks because
it went out of shape and so on. These are real nails. I've never had gel extensions before or even walked into a nail salon before. There are a few different types of nails and mine's consider normal nails. Even though I do consider them a little beyond normal since it's really thick and hard. 

Stop biting your nails- Okay if you're still doing it and have a habit since childhood, I suggest you stop, RIGHT NOW. Frankly I used to bite my nails when I was a kid around the age of 6. Then my mother would stop me and say: "Stop biting your nails! You're going to end up with ugly nails when you grow older." 
Plus she said there are germs and bacteria in our fingers.So I took her wise advise and stopped biting ever since. 

Why should I stop biting my nails? First of all, whenever you're biting it equals to you eating germs. You don't want that right? Our nails protects our fingers (handling objects). So if you bite them even deeper it is possible that you result into a bleeding finger. 

Solution to stop biting my nails? I suggest you chew a gum whenever you few like biting them. It should be able to help subside the urge to bite your fingers. Another way is to may try to put on nail polish so that your brain tells you that nail polish contains chemicals and you don't want to eat them! 

Take vitamins-These are currently all the vitamins that I'm taking. I had been taking vitamins since I was a kid because my parents believed that vitamins plays a huge role in our health. It does! You think you might get enough vitamins from food but we don't. That's why we need these pills to help us boost up! Please do drink more water too. Water helps your body in many ways and that includes growing your nails. 


Nail care- I started using products like these since I was around eighteen years old. I didn't believe that they would help in any other way but now, I do. Yes growing your nails is from the inside and you need to take care of them from the outside as well. It's just like your hair and body- inside and outside. Each of them functions differently. Some acts as a base coat, top coat and even nail polish itself. I'll explain below!

They come in clear form and perfect as a base coat. How does it smell like? At first I thought it would smell neutral or sweet but surprisingly it smells like nail polish. Ahhh~ it's the chemicals. 

They come in nail polish forms too. I love this colour and it functions to help you grow your nails! 
Pardon me with the rough jagged lines at the edge of the nail polish bottles. I was trying to do a really quick job on the photo! teehee~
How does these products help in the growth of nails? Well, I think they act as a "security guard" to your nails. Once your nails are coated, these guards will protect your nails from incoming harsh chemicals and also gives your nails Vitamin E. Yes believe it or not some of them does contain vitamin elements. 

This post is related to my personal experience in nail growth. I'm not a specialist. I'm just a person who loves nail art and taking care of them. I've never once been to a nail salon or had gel nails on. I might consider doing a review on how I shape and clean my nails; soon. =)


June L. said...

Good lawd those are super long nails! o___o Interesting post - I'm not much of a crazy nail biter (anymore, that is), but often find myself "relapsing" whenever I have a cold. Weird. xD

Wonderholic 姫 said...

Wow, your nails are adorable! Thank you a lot for this post, it's very useful because I can't grow my nail. But now I'll try to!


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