Sunday, February 15, 2009

Happy Valentine's Day

Happy Valentine's Day to all
it's a lonely valentine's day for me this year
my baby's at malaysia, so can't celebrate with him

I walk to Aggy's condo around 10.30am
she stays near my condo
around 1pm Aggy's dad drove us to the station to pick-up Sophia

Today hang-out with my babes at Fairview Mall
yesh i know, i have alot of babes.


Agatha a.k.a Aggy
my new friend Sophia
We went to watch "Coraline 3D"

it's a really good movie
i love it ^^ and it's 3D
wooooohoooo~ $14.61 per ticket
Aggy kept passing me chocolates during the movie
Sophia couldn't finish her pop-corn at all
after the movie we walk around & stopped at Anna Sui booth at Sears
prettay colours & shimmers
i want the golden shimmer!! so pretty
after that we walk around at Sears
Aggy tried out some perfumes
"chocolate fudge"
she sprayed it all over her body
and she smells like chocolate fudge

even in the car Aggy couldn't stop smelling the perfume
her *addiction*
Hyper ehhh...

see this beautiful scenery of Toronto
hoho...prettay tall buildings & sunset
hehe~took this scenery in the car
we went back to Aggy's house around 5pm
and spent our time drawing & taking pictures.
Sophia, Michiko, Aggy
US with our 3D REALD glasses
*caution not to be used as sunglasses*
US with funny faces
here's Genie!! awwww isn't she cute
i LOVE her
she's Aggy's little baby guinea pig
she got her for $25-/-
i want one too!! i'll ask my dad to get me one
here's Aggy when she's drawing
we were actually going to sing
but then im afraid to sing so loud
afraid that her parents might freakout
here's me..
nothing to do, so just took a snapshot of myself
Aggy's dad sent me home around 10.15pm
after that i went out again to Yonge-Street
to have korean food with my bro & Polly(Paul Lee)
that was my valentine's day
hope you guys had a great time on


b e r t said...

HAPPY VALENTINE DAY LAOPO!! MUAK! LOVE U SO MUCH! hehe! finally can comment on laopo bloggie. thanks for darlin help me register. hehe. if i really got time i will write blog, sure will be kinda funny 1. hahaha! laopo have much fun tis few days keep goin out have fun and sure tired when on fon tokin if bb also can feel ur tiredness. >_< come here let hubby hug hug! muk muk! as me here really kinda get fedup wif my stupid friend, thought yesterday can go out have movie wif friend but in the end, end up didnt go T.T

laopo, sooner we can see each other. we together go watch movies yah, eat those korean foods, and go gai gai and many many other things again that we gonna do together. cant wait for that time we gonna have plenty of fun and happy times. kekeke!

love u forever my precious wifey! muakmuak!

ur most lovin and one only hubby bert

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