Sunday, March 8, 2009

Saturday Night Out

it's Saturday again~LoL! today suppose to meet at Yorkdale Station around 12 pm

gonna watch movie with my bro and his friends~

suppose be be there at 12 but then a sudden change of time ==

changed to 7pm...*faints*

i wokeup at 8.15am and was ready to go out

suddenly they say change to 7pm...


oh well..had to wait then..

played with my laptop until around 2pm..

i got so bored and took a nap on my dad's bed =.=


wokeup around 3pm...

* i slept with my contacts and make-up on..yea i know that's SUPERB bad thing to do*

no choice~ and then my family and I went out around 5pm

my dad say gonna eat out at chinatown and get some dvds


was so bored at just took a feel snaps with my brother...

my bro and I went to Yorkdale Station around 7pm~

waited for Baboy(Elos) he was so late! ==

and then waited for Aien too but then she FFK(放飞机)

oh well~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

so yea...we chose to watch WATCHMEN at 7.30pm

it was a 3hour long movie..

seriously.the movie was BORING ==

the effects was nice..really nice~

but then i really duno wat was the story about

it' was so BLUR~~~heh

there were so many people ==

we were forced to take the front front front seats

*damn it*GRRRR

i love the BLUE GUY~ Jordan his name is?

forgotten~Lorry was so HOT, sexy lady~ haha was a boring movie for me = =

they even had sex scenes in it, with naked ladies and man

plus boobies and wiggly "bananas"


after that~Baboy had to go home at 11pm, coz his mom won't let him go out at night ==

*totally speechless* he's 18 and yet..NO WAY

random snapshots...

Paul's not in the photo..heh~

WEST49`pretty clothes~hoho

we got home around 12am

darn my brother...


seriously it was...a normal night..

nothing much at all..

but..oh well~~~

my hair was so UGLY!!!
freakiin totally UGLY!!!
it rained....


连小凤 said...

Jon is the Dr.Manhattan's real nameXD and the girl is Laurie hahaha =P u damn blur sia watching this movie XD

for me I tell you watch 2nd time..

cos the guy who is a ceo of company = is actually gay. XD I pointed out gay porn in the movie hahaha

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