Thursday, May 2, 2013


HELLO ~! (^__^)

Gah sometimes I really hate myself because I've always been trying to come up with
what type of topic I should blog about. The thing is that i don't want to blog about things that'll make you guys feel bored. Just like the CYBER-BULLY blog post I made, apparently there were ZERO comments on it. Sad~ I guess not many people are aware about cyber bullies.

Anyhow, I've thought about making a list of things that I'll be blogging about very very very soon. I've done tons of shopping and have no review a single product yet. Nope, not even one~! I WILL SOON. WAIT FOR ME =D

Okays, I'm sure loads of you heard about the LIEBSTER AWARD. 
It's one of the awards awarded to a very-less-followers blogger like me. *slaps myself* It's all my fault for not blogging that often to have more followers~ 
or is it because I don't have pretty pics? hmm =3

I WAS TAGGED by a few lovely bloggers but couldn't find the time to do this~ GOMEN T^T


1. Post 11 things about yourself,honestly in your blog 
2.Answer the questions that the nominator set for you and 
make 11 questions for the people you’ve nominated to answer 
3.Choose 11 people and link them in your post 
4.Go to their page and tell them 
5.Please don't tag back 

ok~are you ready for me to bable-gable-bable? Here it comes...

1. Post 11 things about yourself,honestly in your blog 

1. I was born with natural curly/wavy hair
2. I'm a pure Malaysian Chinese, was never a Japanese/Korean. 
Sorry for making you drop your jaw and bringing your hopes down.
3. I love making myself pretty ever since I was a kid
4. I'm fat. I've never consider myself skinneh
5. Cats or Dogs? I love puppies
6. I love the colour PINK ever since I was born
7. I'm still in love with SailorMoon & Hello Kitty even though I'm an adult now
8. I love GYARU & Japanese Fashion Style + language but couldn't speak Jap at all
9. I started drawing on my house walls ever since I was a kid and I love art ever since. 
I'm a Graphic Designer now, so I basically draw on computers.
10. I love cooking & making music. I sing in the shower because I love the echo.
11. I'm a female. Duh. 

2.Answer the questions that the nominator set for you and 
make 11 questions for the people you’ve nominated to answer 

okay~since the most recent person who nominated me was lovely Mary-Ann
I'll just go with what she had posted~

1.Gyaru or Ulzzang style which one do you prefer?
GYARU. period. 

2.You can't leave home without..?(e.g lipgloss,etc)
Foundation on my face (-____-)

3.Which part of your body do you like best?

4.Who is your role model in life?
my MAMA 

5.What is your biggest dream?
To achieve what I want and to live happily in life. 
Doesn't have to be wealthy but it has to be healthy. 

6.Tell about your fave self encouraging words !
Never give up even if there are obstacles. Nothing is impossible. 

7.Clothes,shoes or bag,which one work best on you?
I thought these 3 have to go together? I can't walk out naked can I? O_o

8.When you have chance to learn other culture and language,
what is that the one you choose?

9.Name one song that would be your life bgm/your most fave

10.Spring summer fall winter, pick one and give the reason
SPRING. Never too hot/warm but a slight windy breeze! The best feeling ever.

11.What is your best moment/experienced in 2012 ?
Countdown to 2013?

(I should ask them questions like name/gender/age/house address/tel no. LOL!!)
1. If you were given $500,000, what will you do?
2. If you're the opposite gender, what will you name yourself?
3. What did you do yesterday?
4. Your favourite colour and why?
5. Your favourite food and why?
6. What do you usually do on a Sunday?
7. If you're given a chance to be in somebody's shoes, who will that person be?
8. Worst experience in life?
9. Worst purchase you've ever made?
10. What's your dream guy/girl?
11. Your inspirations?

3.Choose 11 people and link them in your post 

3. Fi
8. Anya

4.Go to their page and tell them 
YES YES..almost there

5.Please don't tag back

Especially listing 11 different bloggers~ took me almost 30mins to find the 
most suitable nominees!  

Okay that's it for now. 
Lunch time. BAIBAI!


Stella said...

thank you for tagging me, honey! :3

LeBeatrici said...

I’m follovin’ your blog on GFC and facebook :)
Would you like to follow each other?
I’ll wait for you on my blog.



Beauty Babble said... here you go! Thanks for tagging me!

Trang Luu said...

thanks for tagging me! heres my post:

Elli said...

Thank you for mentioning <3
Xoxo Elli

Joshua Hideki said...

It was great to know more about yourself!
Enjoyed reading it!~

Have a great day!

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