Thursday, June 18, 2009

Square 1

went to square one at missisauga with manda today
went shopping for clothes for my birthday (:
spent alot! oh gosh -__-
compare to manda, she only bought 1 shirt
and i bought almost 6 items! (faints)
let's just have the photos to do the talkin okie
Dress 1. Sea Blue dress from SMARTSET
manda said i look nice in this, LoL~she said i never wear blue before
*eee yah coz i like pink n black* LOL
the whole pic of the dress..gaga~

Dress 2. I love this dress! =D from Urban Behavior
it was on sales too, wahkaka~ =x

the full length of the dress, it's not long, just right til the knees

Blouse 3. woots! manda said i look good in this colour
oh yesh thank u~ =D LOL
got this top from BEDO there you go~~~ my family picture! LOL
La SENZA, got myself a new bra from there =p
Leggings from WAL-Mart
got 2 t-shirts for my dad too
*father's day is coming!*
before going to the subway, went to shoppers with my dad
and say Garnier promotion $2.99 each!
I love this product, especially for my dead hair, LOL
2 bottles left, GRABBED ALL! LMAO
and yea. manda was late again (~__~)
i was her alarm clock, lmao
went for dinner with manda at this "fish and chips"
restaurant, but it's actually own by a korean couple
eee yah, beef teriyaki, tasted good, but i duno what's the difference
between small and large o__o"
manda's plate was the same as mine..heh
while we were on d way finding restaurants..
i saw this really pretty alley with painting
cool eh..
do you see the bitch there? LOL
she was walking all by herself, dengs~!
pretty pretty missisauga =D
i saw this amazing clock too!
it was 7.34pm and the sky is still bright
inside square one, the mall is so pretty n big o_o
aaahh~our favorite shop, BCBG! (>_<)

eee yesh, a random shot of the mall
a more random shot.. -.-

aaaahh~ the view outside square one
it was a rainy+windy day
bad weather!

nice lighting, in the changing room!

inside square one outside square one

the long long alley~the guy infront looks hot xD in the bus while travelling, heh~manda and I were like
people from countryside, never seen such beautiful buses =_="
ouhh eee yah dis is just a random pic from last time
canada strawberries! wheeeeeeeeeee yummy
anyways~i got home around 10pm
was having a headache and slight fever
coz i was standin in the rain+cold wind for almost 30minutes
sicko! >_<
came home and rest~aaa sucks!
exams finally over, i can finally relax (:
and get ready for my birthday! wooohoo~


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