Tuesday, August 25, 2009

*new piercings*

went to p-mall with 2 stephanies ~
we went for karaoke and Chu said he was goin too, so we met up :)
ding dang! after that we went to p-mall~
met up with Terence and Amanda
hoho XD
walked around and got my piercing so randomly from a shop
no~ i only have 6 holes now. which is "fine"
nth much really happen these days
just hangin out wit frens
over and over again
and i got so tired of it~LOL
coz we had been going out to same places
here and there, there and here O__O
so I stayed home and did tutorials instead for competitions on Youtube :)
I did thise makeup inspired by Elva Hsiao
and this makeup inspired by Candy :)

goin to the beach on thursday!
cant wait !
friday, saturday, sunday
volunteer job at Telus Taiwan Fest
cant wait too! hoho~


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