Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Brian's X'Mas Party

wokeup around 10.40am~was getting dressed already because dad said we were gonna have family lunch together at 1pm~
big big eyes, yesh the photo is unedited ,just edited the brightness :)
after lunch my brother came into my room with this big bucket of beer. LOL awesome eh
i went out around 3.15pm to Vivi's house, meeting Amanda there as well~
was helping the girls with their hair :)
after that Nicole came~kaka Vivi's mom drove us to Brian's house
in the car photo~it was night already, was scared to take photos in the car because of the flash
*afraid might disturb Vivi's mom's driving*

after arriving at Brian's house...
wooots woots~ saw his cute little puppies
wakaka~they posed for the cam =)
heard Brian said that the small one have cancer.
the bigger one is really old~both just waiting to die (-___-)"

there were alot of food! gaah forgotten to take photos of it, but yea there were a lot of yummy food :)

i didn't know what to do so was mostly sitting on the sofa and sang and night dreaming

Christmas Kringle time!
time to exchange gifts. LOL
this is my gift from someone~kaka it's actually from Amanda, *she got me!*
she gave a mickey mouse cup and a GOSH eye primer :) thanks woman!

so yea i was spending most of my time playing piano in Brian's room too
*well technically i was in his room all the while,doing random stuff*
a photo of me taken by Cherry~
-ignore my messy hair, i guess i just wokeup from the sofa, that's why-
and then all of a sudden there were more people in the tiny room~ all squeezed together
ahh the warmth~
gagaga i had a little drink so was a little high..probably for an hour. LOL

someone found this cute little green light thing...
and pictures!
LOL oooo~ Jason!
yesh yesh more people in the room.LOL
i gave away cookies to people as well~ COOKIES! =D
and then went to play Street Fighter 4 in the gaming room
woot woot

went home around 3am~ Vivi's mom sent us home
was tired

Merry X'mas everyone :)


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