Sunday, January 3, 2010


have you guys watch AVATAR?
it's like the best 3D movie i've ever seen
it's not about the 3D-ness of the movie, but the script and the storyline is really good
love it. 5 stars rating. YESH
a 3hour movie which didn't make me bored at all. eventho i knew my ass was gettin tired =P

anyway..went to watch movie with Derek at NYC
met up with him around 12.30pm and we had to line up (-__-)
yah im serious we had to line-up. for 3D glasses. LOL and of course there were sooo many people! =O

woosh! The Na'vi's are so cool =O
and of course it's really touching, some of the people died ='(

after movie i sent Derek to the subway and walked around alone
didn't want to go home.
planned to walk home but then the weather today is freakin bad
snowstorm+strong wind= CRAZINESS

i took the subway home. got home around 5pm
my tummy was growing madly. i had cereals in the morning and there goes the day (-__-)"

got home and dad prepared stuff for hot pot! XP

the hotpot crew...
p/s: dont mind about the rice cooker,
actually we don't have a pot for hotpot at home, so we used rice cooker instead, works the same too! (:
3 of us ate so much things. gaaa~
hoho, my fav chili =P
at malaysia..
cili padi
enak dimakan. LOL

bored at home right now
created my new song and new writing lyrics competition

click for more info (:



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