Monday, March 22, 2010

i am (...)

eeeeee terence, i haven't seen him for such a looooooooooong time! LOL i'll talk about it later

i know i haven't been blogging for A WEEK now. why? BUSY
am seriously is, works are piling up everyday in my life. F* it. It's not like I want it to
have to do good, and have to hand-in on time.
whenever im on the computer, im always in Adobe programs. YAH mostly is photoshop, illustrator or InDesign. GAH!~

back to Thursday...
went out with my family to WAL-MART coz mama wanna get me a new sewing machine
YAY i'm going to sew :)
but we haven't get it yet, because the best one is SOLD OUT, pssh -_-"

my food of the day~
mama bought me a new watch
and 2 cute little mini skirts. teeehee!

On Friday night... while I was staying for OT in class... Terence called
yesh he said Jason and him is going to hang-out and told me to come along
Yea~ I thought I haven't hang-out with them for a long time, and yesh I haven't seen him in awhile...and YESH I need some break for the night

so I went to meet them at NakWon(korean restaurant) near my place
the waitress still remembers me. Even though i haven't been there for quite some time already
then i saw both of them, they told me to finish up the food for them =__=" geee

after that we walked all the way to North York Centre to TenRens for bubbletea!

haven't seen Terence for awhile and he became more lengzai(good looking in canto) -__-
Jason, still as good looking as ever.
my drink of the night, Passion Fruit Bubble Tea
woooyah! I guess both of them are in love with the heartshape paper i folded
Terence's drink
Jason's drink, TARO

-take care-


Terence said...

我沒有看到你在很長一段時間 你下個假期是什麽??
我不會見你,直到我的生日。。。 真的很慘 我要慶祝我的生日在飛機上
所以如果你有時間 你要告訴我~~!!

Rui said...

The watch made me thinking to alice in wonderland XD
nice pics!

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