Thursday, April 15, 2010

14th april

so yea~it's already been a month and time really flies! LOL
and yes I have been busy for a month. Unknowingly (o___o)

last saturday...we went to P-Mall!
and apparently he forgotten to bring out his wallet =_="
*he left it at my place* omg~
so yea we had squid balls, fish balls and beef balls. LOL!
all pretty nice chewy balls~

he got me this by surprise.. =O
so cute!

hehehe. thank U~
yes indeed as you all know i've been..
busy with my school work
i don't have enough sleep and stuff
everything's so packed and time is so little
just another week..and year 1 ends

can't wait for summer fun and my 21st Birthday
omg the golden key... *drools*

keep holding on!