Friday, April 2, 2010


yea i know i've been pretty busy lately
busy about school, busy about cooking dinner for someone, busy about everything
life has never been easy ever since college started. OUH WELL!

im just going to talk about what happened yesterday instead of the few days. LOL
ouuh by the way, it was April's Fools day yesterday, so yea i didn't prank on anyone.

yesterday went to Japanese restaurant with Sky~teeeheee!

my tempura set and teriyaki. It's not bad.
tea? woooh! After that we went grocery shopping at Loblaws~ and then Metro to get some beef
after that I went home to help my mom with make-up and style her hair
Parents are going for dinner with aunt and uncle~
While then I spent my night making dinner for Sky :)

some photos of food I had and made the previous week
Mama Rice.
Ok seriously it didn't taste bad, but then there were pork fats in it =__=
yes I don't take pork fats AT ALL. so it was pretty yucdickieyuk for me

I made sushi again the other day! HoHo~

sexy look sushis aren't they?
teeeheee :)


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