Friday, June 4, 2010

i shop alot

i shop and eat alot these days
it's just more of spending and enjoying life. haha~

went for hotpot with Sky the other day...
really awesome ambiance. While you are having your meal or waiting for the things to be cooked, you can watch the screen and enjoy the music video....
the hotpot. HOHO~
you can choose mix and match your own dipping sauce....
D.I.Y 1
D.I.Y 2
some fresh seafood?
after food they give each customer a fortune cookie. Mine was about something getting rich
bla bla bla~ooo well
check out my messy handbag. Yea it is messy
I got some Body Shop products as well~
Eye Serum for Men, but works for women as well
I've tried it for the past 4days and I've seen instant results, pretty good product
Home Fragnance Oil. smells darn awesome
You guys should go and try some of these =)
Aaahh~my favorite Rose Blush
smells like rose and the colour is very natural
my dear and I went for some grocery shopping and he got me some Doraemon cakes. LOL~
I call them Doraemon's favorite coz if you do watch Doraemon...he likes to eat these kinda buns =D
lets check out the calories...hmmm 240cals = =""
sigh no wonder I had been gaining weight....
Sky bought this pack of Japanese little biscuits. Taste really good too~wheeeeeeeeee
*repeat: If you have no idea who Sky is, he's my bf* ^__^

We went grocery shopping again the day after~
no photos of food, LOL
but yeshhh he got me some stuff :)

Sally Hansen's foundation~
a PEACE sign necklace and a long pearl necklace

TODAY...we went for VIETNAM NOODLES PhO~my fav. hoho
he ordered this plate of chicken chop~
i had Vietnamese noodles, didn't take a snap shot of it. sorry guys =(
but promise next time will take photos of food!
I got MORE stuff for myself again (-__________-)"""
hand sanitizer.. seriously I'm used to this thing already. It's good to keep one in the bag coz my hands always gets so dusty and sticky after touching this and that.

Baby wipes! I found it really adorable, and yesh it says smells like baby lotion?
and it's pink (-______-)"

the last one is... hair thickening therapy and bonus mini size therapy shampoo
have no idea what this is but it's for thickening your hair

Tried it today after shower...smells REALLY good
and I hope it works~hmmm...

have a great day peeps


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