Monday, September 20, 2010

mooncake festival

went out to P-Mall Curry's to get my portfolio yesterday
finally. everything is done!
Until late at midnight Steven showed me his work. AIH i did mine wrongly (T^T)
how sad it that. So I had to sorta redo mine? =.=""
but yesh I got to bed around 3am ish
I wanted to sleep early!
now I feel so darn tired. Gonna get espresso later =
No this ain't espresso. LOL
this is Lychee Bubbletea from yesterday
and yes it reminds me of Lissy. she likes Lychee and coconut jelly! =D some new photos of my little boy. QQ.. aka Qzai =]
hello little boy!

-erhem, excuse the leg thingy, I just wanted to capture photos of him on the leg XD
*the BF's leg btw..LOL*
he was such a good boy!
he actually let me take portraits of him. He actually POSED for me
At Aunt Kellý's on saturday for mooncake festival Malaysian gathering dinner
brought Sky along too.. I think it's his first time meeting the rest of us Malaysians..hahaha 
so much food. I know as usual
can you believe is all vegetarian? 100%
no meat at all =]
CharSiu. barbeque pork

Fish cakes
the desert part...

cream cheese pie
taste SOOO good

Lychee jello
*lissy i know you wanna have some* =P

Angkuh & Angkuh jello.
I LOVE Angkuh. It's the best malaysian desert I have tried
only can get from Malaysia
well yah the aunties homemade them so I can get them here at Canada =D

the rest of the deserts~
sorta had fun eating XD
met Norman. He got new camera.
i want one too....
i have always wanted one since forever =.="
gonna get to school now
it's 9.25am. wokeup early just to go printing
how hardworking.
take care and have a great day peeps


pineapple bun said...

:O ...YES I DO WANT SOME ; __;
The shapes they are in are really pretty O_O!
Now I understand what you mean when you said you thought of me yesterday <3 Lychee~ Actualy, scratch that. All that food in general is <333

Btw, your DOOGGGG.

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