Friday, September 17, 2010

Swarovski VIP Event

Yay! I got invited to a VIP Event =]
Crystal beads shop invited me for a VIP mini event from them.
So yea, I went today with my lovely bf.

look of the day~
nope, no fake lashes. LOL i haven't worn them long long time ago!
I actually sorta quit heavy make-up because I was so lazy to remove make-up. LOL
I got there around 5.15pm. There wasn't many people until later on
They gave away goodie bags for first 100th people
They even had lucky draw for 6 prices! =]
awesome eh
They also served yummy food.
HOHO everything tasted goooood =D

the awesome goodie bag!

inside the bag
stuff from Swarovski crystal

they even gave us a mini box

wheeee samples of swarovski crystals =]
so pretty

Guess what. I was one of the lucky draw winners!!
*happy happy*

I got this from them.
Jewelry set with swarovski crystals
very pretty. ^^

yea that's about it
I bought some other stuff as well
I will put up photos SOON after i'm busy
because now i am sort of procrastinating
i am suppose to do work! it's 2.10am
sigh.why am i so stressful?
my other mates seems relax.
mooncake festival coming soon
going to have family/friend gathering tomorrow at Aunt Kelly's
take care & much love


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