Thursday, December 9, 2010

The only CAKE post

BEWARE, if you LOVE cake, please be caution because in this post is all about A CAKE. mostly the cake. so yea, get ready some napkins and wipe off ya watering mouth =x
Happy 18th Birthday brother. *again*
celebrated at home this time, on the actual day with the birthday cake he brought home from work =]

brother picking some almond slices before the birthday song

candle lights up!
getting ready to sing the bithday song~~~~

yea I know he's so happy coz he turned 18, which is legal
LOL yea he actually bought lottery (crosswords) and won $10
not bad for the very first time =]
still waiting to sing the song. LOL

after the birthday song!! YAY! =)

i just love taking photos of this cake
Love going macro on the almond slices
look at those yummg chocolate..
it's yummy! But I only took a slice
I can't take a lot of cake, I just can't take THAT sweet at once =x
ok I promise, that was the last picture on cakes =]
will blog about a surpirse later on
stay online!


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