Wednesday, April 20, 2011


i know i know it's been awhile since I update my blog

the very time of the year, end of semester when my school projects piled up

and had to do tons of work~

but somehow, I uploaded some pics lately to show you all :)

nothing much change

except that my hair grew out~

no bangs... well I want to try not having bangs

That year I did not have bangs was when i was 16?

Then I started having bangs to cover up my chubby face. LOL


so yea family lunch

we went to our all time favourite Italian mini restaurant

my order of meat balls, pasta, mushrooms and jalepeno

bf's order. LOL yup I know he eats alot =P
pizza behind the free mini bread
veal, sausage, pasta and broccoli for him

parents and brother sitting at the table behind

bf bought pastries for everyone!

this is like the most yummy puff ever =D

well so far for now

gonna get back to work

and see you all later!~~

take care


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