Friday, August 19, 2011


Konichiwa! *peace sign* Today made a new YOUTUBE video on my daily Gyaru make-up
be sure to check it out if you subsribe to my channel! Or you haven't subscribe please do so! Thank you ^-^

Anyway, went out for a dinner date today at Mainstreet somewhere at Markham.
I've never been there before, first time ever. If you love a small village feel on the street,
this is definitely the place for you to enjoy and relax.

It's like a little old English town. But it's at Toronto instead. teeehee~
heard that it's very pretty at night but I didn't manage to catch a night scenery. Because I got off dinner
around 10.30pm. Very relaxing place especially if you sit outside in the summer air and listen
to singer singing live; having a cup of beer or so :]

Walked along the way then saw a small ice-cream shop. Very cute little shop.
Plus the owner is very friendly and nice! He sells 27 over flavours of ice-cream
And guess what? The best of all. 1 scoop of ice-cream plus cone is only $3++ !! ^-^

....and this is what I've ordered! I'm not suppose to take ice-cream but someone insisted me to do so
So...ok I just took a chance and chose Moose XX. *the XX is I don't remember the name
of the ice-cream* lol~!
big scoop eh?

*nom nom nom* alright ignore my face ok
one of my friends might say I look constipated here. Duh I was too enjoying my ice-cream! haha

....and yes you see big chunks of chocolate? No those aren't entirely 100% chocolate filled...
they are filled with...PEANUTBUTTER!! Amazingly delicious!

It's The Meow's Cafe
this is what the ice-cream place call. So adorable. I went into their washroom and it was PINK
plus they had small little heart shape seats and little cat statues and pictures as decorations

For dinner....
went to an Italian restaurant which was introduced by the owner of the ice-cream store

super romantic inside; with candle light on the table. Plus the lights were dimmed and cozy
the place was pretty quiet and there weren't many people

they served us with warm bread, some butter and olive oil + some sour sauce
1st time I ate this kind of sauce. Tastes authentic- Italian

the rule to dine in any white restaurant is to eat really REAL SLOW
talk, chit-chat and wait for your dish to be served! That's what we did
waited for almost 30 mins or so?

then taaaddaaaaaa! I ordered the classic Spaghetti Meatballs
I know it looks really small in portion, but trust me I felt like I had a feast. I think probably because
we were talking endlessly and ate superb slow. That's healthy by the way. Very healthy.

...and this is the other dish he ordered. Some lamb. I don't even know the name. lol
Overall rating of the restaurant. 10/10
Yes I love this place. Service is amazing! The award winning chef even walked to our table and
asked about the food. Very nice and professional.
The food is also simply amazing! I haven't had delicious Italian meal for awhile
This is the best one ever!

had an awesome night and got home around 11.30pm
tired tired!


Steph said...

wahhhh i want to go now =D the ice cream scoop is so big!!!! the restaurant looks yummy!!!! && you're so freaking pretty!!!!

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