Thursday, September 29, 2011

29.09.2011 Pink Sigma Brushes

New photo: Taken on 28.09.2011
hi everyone! how are you guys doing? ^_^ i hope you all are doing great~!
i've been quite busy on school work to be honest. Projects are always piling up yet I always try to find a good time to blog. I've also been down for a couple for major days because of hectic school projects.
Been in a really moody mood? Moody mood~ lol oh ok. Enough of me. Now here are some photos! ^_^

Hotpot! Who doesn't love hotpot! I know I love them ! =P Especially when you get to have your own pot
2 weeks ago went out with Sky and his friend Wang for hotpot dinner. Hmmm~

I took alot of vegetables. I love them~! Ahh boiling hot soup. Yummy!

The ambience is worth the price they charged. Very clean and orderly looking place. Sadly we got put at a corner. SUPER HOT. Remember, when you have hotpot never ever choose a corner spot especially one against a wall. Get an bigger space. Preferably open space. So that HOT air rises!
 Instead of bouncing on walls...haha!~

yea you see many asians. Because it's an asian hotpot restaurant. Well famous at China ^_^
up to the next thing....I finally receive my package from Eki! *super excited & happy*
As you guys know from my previous post I noted that I've won Eki's Sigma Travel Brushes giveaway

ahhh look at the kawaii packaging! All in pink and bubbles wrap and cute pink tape! ^_^

so pretty...the colour! ooohhhhh wow wow ~nyehehe. I just love pink alot. =x

Eki is super sweet! She even sent me a kawaii note on Rilakkuma paper.

....and Eki's business cards as well. Super nice and pro! Love the design of her card and texture.
Besides getting the sigma brushes, Eki added in a pair of Swarovski earrings from the handmade store!
Ahhhh ~thank you so much hun o.o

with LED lighting. Earrings are PINK! YAY pink! yesh! x3
and they are very pretty too! Sooo girlie. hehe

with yellow lighting.
jeng jeng jeng...the moment we've all been waiting for..
the Sigma Brushes!

aaaah~*screams* this is my very first set of Sigma Brushes. I've heard so many positive comments about them and I've always wanted to try them!

the brush is suuuuuuuuuuuuuuuper soft. Very very soft and delicate. Feels like I was touching a baby's hair. lol~! I broke my foundation brush from e.l.f a few weeks ago. Now I have brushes to use. Yay ^_^
Plus...they are PINK! woooohoo~! But they are TOO pretty to be used. I just want them to say as it is. Pretty and clean in their storage. Am I crazy or wut? lol.

Again~ thank you for the giveaway Eki!

till next time..
take care & Good Luck!


stella lee said...

omg i want that sigma brushes!!! *__*

anyway, im having an international giveaway, would you like to join it please? ^_^ thanks!

xixi said...

Wow lucky girl ^^ !

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