Friday, September 16, 2011


hi everyone! How are you all doing? ^_^
just to let you know that this is not a swap package post nor a haul or review post. teehee~
aahh yes I won THISWASFOREVER aka Emily's Dolly Wink Lashes Giveaway
nyahaha I was so happy because I've been wanting to try these lashes on for quite some time already
another announcement, I've also won the Sigma Travel Set Brushes from Eki's giveaway but it hasn't arrive yet. So when it arrives I'm definitely going to make a new post.

So if you guys don't know who THISWASFOREVER aka Emily is,
you better get to know this sweet and nice girl now. click here

here comes the items....
taadaaa~~~~! awww look at that cute lil postcard ^_^
I didn't expect to get 2 extra gifts at the same time. Well I thought I would only get the lashes..
but what a great surprise indeed!

Yah I didn't take a close up picture of the lashes. I guess most of you know how the lashes looks like already. Since DollyWink is very popular nowadays. But if you guys wants me to do a review on it, I'll take some snapshots of it for sure ^_^

so here's the postcard with warm greetings and cute handwriting
aaaah~~ a postcard from HongKong, how lucky I am. I remember I went to HK once when I was about 7years old. I don't recall a single thing. Except for the small cafe my family and I had..I remember I ordered Fried Rice with Egg on top and that cost around HKD$50? Hmm..that's the only thing I remember
hahaha I think maybe because I'm hungry right now. It's 2.18am. @.@

*screams* I didn't expect I would get an extra gift!
How nice of Emily to add in a lipgloss for me~ thanks love ^_^
Really love the package design and the tube.
In the postcard it stated that it's a sample size, but it doesn't look like a sample size at all! lol.

From the tube the gloss looks pink, but it's actually transparent or should I say clear...
brain freeze, I can't think of any word. Was suppose to work on my assignment but I ended playing game instead. hahaha. Awww come on I just can't think of anything at that moment O_O

anyhow...a lip-gloss swatch on my wrist.Very silky amd moisturizing
PLUS it smells AWESOME! I don't know how to describe it but it smells fresh and sweet ^_^
again thank you Emily for the giveaway and postage and also your time~~~

til my next post

Good Luck


priincess emily said...

I'm so late in reading this post! But awesomeee! :D I'm glad that you liked everything! :D

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