Saturday, October 15, 2011

Yummy Yummy!

Hello everyone! How is everybody doing?
I've been super busy with my schoolwork (again) as always since school days is not over yet.
Food post! Hmmm~ Who doesn't love food...

Sky bought me a few Japanese snacks as gifts
I've been wanting to have Pocky for awhile, I've never personally own any Pocky snacks before
and this is my first time doing so ^_^

Sky bought me 3 different types of Pocky. All originally from Japan. woohoo ~ (^__^)
I told him that I like strawberry flavour ones and he bought all of them in strawberries.
He even bought the a Hello Kitty one. He knows that I love HK. hehe

Another cute item. Kracie Popin Cookin! As seen on YouTube! Now I finally have it!
Sky bought it for me as a mini gift; as a compensation after my mini general elective quiz from school
*pocky eating moments*
yummy yummy Pocky! Sadly they only come in small packets. So little, so small.

Will make a blog post soon on Kracie Popin Cookin!
Stay blogged ^_^


Fern Li said...

yummm so hungry right now T-T
i heard the popin cookin stuff doesnt taste that nice..but seems super fun to make :D

Michiko Kawashi said...

hehe~ yea it taste kinda different from other candies. But it's super fun to make esp when u see it transform ^_^ A lil bit pricey for a small packet of thing tho =/

Fanny said...

hmmm..pocky ..look s yummy :3

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