Sunday, April 29, 2012

I am back! (review)

Hello loves!!!
omigah~haven't been on blogger for the longest time.
How is everyone doing? (^___^)
A little update about myself. I was superb busy with school work because I was in my
final year 3 School of Design. We have this major final year project (Thesis) so I had 
to work my head off and really focus on my work.

Now I am back!! Everything on school work is done.
All well pays well (^__^)

Today's post is a review on facial mask and nail treatment

Here are the things you will need.
I will get into details soon!

Skin Conditioner / Toner

Cotton pad:
I dropped at least 3 shakes from the bottle

Make sure you wash your face with lukewarm water
and facial cleanser before this step.
This step is to wipe away excess dirt and impurities

Sorry for the ugly photo. But yea I just want to show you guys how it looks like (>__<)
After wiping!

Want to know if it's dirty? Take a brand new clean one and compare!
I know..eeeky. But seriously, it'll be all good for the skin (^__^)

My Beauty Diary mask
with Aloe Vera essence great for keeping skin moisturized and supple

*erhem* excuse me for my terrible look
I had been through a lot of stress lately
Eyes are red and very tiring skin
Luckily there's this mask to keep my skin alive! :D

Mask rating:

Moisture: 10/10
Does it work? Yes it works. My skin was super soft and supple the next day!
Does it contain any fragrance? Not really. It's not strong but yet it smells nice
Mask paper quality: Super Good
Overall comment:

This mask is perfect for winter use and especially when your skin is in emergency;
need a quick moisturiser! Don't forget to use this one I recommended (^___^)

Next review
Nutra Nails Triple Power Gel Strengthening 
So I went to Pharma Plus (Rexall) drugstore and saw this
I wanted my nails to grow faster and stronger so I thought..
hmmm why not give this a try since the price is only $4.99

So I applied this on my nails.
To my surprise, apparently this is like a nail polish base coat rather than a
watery / oil treatment (that was what I thought at first)
It smelt like nail polish. Yes.

Oh excuse me for the broken nail. Terrible terrible.
Now you know why I had to get this product (^___^)""

Can you tell the ones which one was applied and which wasn't?

Yup..this is definitely a base coat. It's still staying on my nails.
Overall goodness: 9/10
I like it because I find it to be very rich and consistent.
Plus, my nail looks shiny!! =D

Til my next post~~
Take care and God Bless


darkyberryish said...

I somehow love the way you post (does this sounds..weird ?XDDDDD)So many good reviews in 1 Post ! OAAO btw I'm thinking of getting the facial mask,would you recommend it ?

Luna Tsuki said...

Great review, btw, you look great in the first picture <3

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