Tuesday, November 12, 2013

My Current Skin Care-- VICHY, C+M

Hello everyone! Apparently my DSLR lens (auto macro focus) isn't working anymore. So I had to use the normal digital camera to take these photos. Luckily they all came out pretty focused and HD. Due to my leg injury
I couldn't go anywhere near sunlight (eg. outdoors/near windows) because I can't access to any of them. In all words, I took these yesterday night.

It's mid November and basically it's winter in Canada. Whenever the weather changes my skin changes too; rapidly. No kidding...my skin dries up so quickly like how tree leaves transitions from summer to autumn.
Since I'm not going outdoors and only indoors these days, I'm not using any SPF related skin cares.

Product 1

VICHY Laboratories Normaderm
Anti-Imperfections Tri-Activ

Well let me tell you.... this is one of the BEST facial care product I've ever used. I just started using this a week ago and I've seen results! Dark acne eeky left-over spots are much lighter now! 
This product is also targeted to acne prone skins.

It is only 50ml so you can imagine how petite the size is. 

Pardon me if it doesn't look pleasing but this is how it looks like squeezed! For people with small size faces you only need a tiny pea size simply because the consistency of this product is THICK! Creamy and thick.

Here's a photo of my chubby hand. How it looks like after being absorbed. 
See that little shine we have there?

Pros  & Cons
☑ Can be used as a make-up base 
☑ Good for acne prone skin
☑ Hydrates your skin

I don't find anything negative in this product. Well maybe they should come in bigger sizes in the future. Hopefully! =D

Overall Points
Cream texture:      
Does it work?     

Product 2

C+M Eye Repair Lifting Gel Cream  12ml

I haven't look into the mirror for a very very very long time so I don't know how my eyes look right now. LOL! BUT, I haven't worn contact lenses for a month (+) now so I guessed I haven't been dragging my eyes that much. This product specified that it helps to reduce dark under eye circles and wrinkles. Yes, I think I did see a little improvement. About that mirror part, I did stare at myself for a few seconds while I was in the bathroom. Ahaha~ =D

C+M is an inexpensive skin care line which can be purchased from sasa.com 
Even though it's inexpensive but they come in small sizes. 

I don't usually have comments on eye creams because I've used a few other brands too and I couldn't tell the difference. Well yes, some of them were oily and some were okay. For this C+M one I can say that it's quite reasonable. For starters who's seeking for eye creams, this might be your choice. 

Pros  & Cons
☑ It absorbs really quick
☑ It smells neutral, which is good!
☒ Size is too small and it's almost gone! (I had been using this for 2 week)

Overall Points
Cream texture:      
Does it work?     

Product 3

VICHY Aqualia Lip Balm
The weather's cold and dry!! You might need a lip balm too~ Even thought I don't go outdoors these days but my lips still cracks at some point of the day. 

The product packaging sort of resemblances the Nivea chapstick. I remember a few years back I used to like to get the Nivea Strawberry chapstick and this Vichy one looks exactly like it. Except that it doesn't smell like Strawberry and it's in blue and white!

Pros  & Cons
☑ Lip stays moist for nearly 6 hours (no food/lip contact)
☑ It smells good
☑ Perfect for winter
☑ Not a product for men because it makes you look like you're wearing lip gloss
☒ I feel it everytime in my mouth it's like I'm eating it, eeeergh!

Overall Points
Does it work?     

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