Thursday, April 30, 2009


rainy day again today :(
my flats were soaked!
amanda webcamed with me yesterday on msn
she showed me the stuff arrived from Taiwan
it's actually the stuff we ordered online! (>__<)
i ordered my make-up which's introduced by manda
all are Kate Kanebo make-up
hoho ^_^
wheeeeeeeeeee~ a family shot =D

another family shot...don't you just love PINK?!

1. TIFFA Face Powder
love the product
love the package
2. Lavshuca Base Mascara
i don't remember ordering this? o.o
3. TIFFA Liquid Eyeliner
4. Tiffa Make-up Base
5. Kanebo Foundation
woolala~ happy happy
everything's MADE IN JAPAN
(>_<) eeeyah~ obviously

everything's $45 in total
wooolala~ xD
today had rehearsals again after school
got soooo bored with the song 不想长大
today's free civies! ^_^
manda told me to sing an english song for performance
so i auditioned with Ms. Granata
she said it was good and i'm in the show!
gonna sit for YELTS tomorrow
so many things going on

我会好, 不会有事的,别想那么多,么想(+).....加油!!!


b e r t said...

woots~ darlin bought many makeup they look nice and pretty on the cover. sure when put it on will look prettier when u do make up. hehe. dun hate urself and ur life. u have ur forever lovin u hubby must laugh and smile more. u know i always by ur side. love u lots. muakie muakie~ miss bb very muchie

♥ㄨMi¢hikㄖ♥ said...

they are really pretty darling =]
hohoh :3

en i know laaa~~muackieess

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