Friday, April 3, 2009

I broke it?!

i couldn't find any new pic of myself
i havent been taking any pics lately~LOL
(this is because i look super ugly in pics nowadays)
LOL-my friends kept tellin me that i look totally different in pictures
ahhh well~
I wokeup at 6.31am today! Coz im gona have my Family Studies test
LOL i arrived at school around 7.45am, & started my test-finished everything til 8.30am
i also had my religion retreat today, i rushed to Mrs. Lacaria and luckily i wasn't late
instead, the bus was late == it was late for almost an hour!
religion retreat was great~ =)
we started an ice breaker with a really hilarious game
LOL! i was the victim for 3 times!(i think)
we had pizza for lunch, i took 5 slices! OH GOSH ==
nicole did the same thing, she took 6 slices! LOL!
basically during the retreat they were talking about Christianity
(but i am not a christian)
we got back to school around 2.45pm

after retreat, nicole and I went to TEN23 for karaoke :P
i wanted my friends to listen to which song i sing best suits for the competition
yes im joining a competition
amanda insisted me to do so
happy hour from 4pm-9pm
it was rainy today, really heavy rain!
(i so the hates it)
my shoes got all wet includin my socks! ==
if was like as if inside my shoes was having a major FLOOD goin on
i had to take off my shoes and socks to leave them dry
no choice.. LOL

i chose a few songs to sing..
傻瓜-Landy Wen
记得, 趁早,听海-A-Mei
听海was really good...i think..LOL!
coz everyone clapped coz i reached the high note?
LOL ! you guys are hilarious! xD
someone even recorded my voice?
oh gosh...LOL
when i was singing halfway...
the microphone...totally blew out!
i mean...just poof~ *no sound* at all..LOL
i tried to fix the wire, wont work, everything i do, wont work
my friends said i sang too loud+strong, and caused the mic to worn out
OMG ><
that's so NOT TRUE!!!!

yah, i forgotten to bring my camera today, so i couldn't take any pictures =(

awwww sad sad!

NICOLE!!! she just couldn't stop LOL! ==

YEA SURE, i broke the MIC! and they had to change another new one


so..yea~ i came back home around 10.30pm

woolala~tiring day!

it's gonnabe another long weekend next week! :)

teehee~might have plans with my friends


have a good day everyone ^^


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