Wednesday, April 8, 2009


it snowed again! crazy weather of Toronto
it's suppose to be Spring, but then why is there still snow?
i had to wear my thick winter clothings again, coz outside is only -1degree
aaaaa i hate wearing thick clothings, so uncomfortable, looks like a giant watermelon walking around
it snowed and the ground's filled with snow again..
slippery and flushy grounds hard to walk~
i fell down again today =.=
i always fall down! I don't know WHY??!!
doinks~my dad said i couldn't balance well
yea right...sure...i don't blame the snow
i don't blame anything, but my knees hurt so badly! (T_T)
my bruise.. left and right leg =(
right leg is the worst, it bleeded and there's a scar

ugly T_T
i remember when i was at elementary school(chinese school back at malaysia)
on monday we usually have morning assembly. i dont wanna be late so i rushed
to the washroom and ran down the stairs really quickly.
suddenly i tripped and my knees fell onto the ground
UNLUCKY! the ground is the road, have rough surface ><
my both knees hurt so badly! and i walked to the washroom together with the prefect~
then during assembly i was called-out by the discipline master to get on the stage
i was punished by her in front of the whole school for being "naughty, running around school compound"
 i was only 10! I didn't dare to say anything.
then, i changed school~
i don't have time to blog at all
i realize that time at canada passes so quick!
it's Wednesday today! ><
oh gosh..
i have so much to do!!
*print out my photo
*do my religion assignment
*artist statement[which is due next friday, but i wanna finish it quickly]
and...yah..i guess nothing else?
my schedule is FULL! i can say that im busy. haha
have to go to Richmond Hill tomorrow to hand it the form =)
Amanda told me not to waste my talent, ouhh okiee i'll try my best and do it then =]
there's so much to do and think about
i feel so stress!
i paid $40 for Anime North, and i don't think so i'm going now
coz nobody's going with me..
yah..seriously i might get a refund if nobody's going with me

i ordered hair extensions from nicole, but still haven't arrive from HongKong
nicole ordered them on 23rd March
it's 8th April now!
if my extensions doesn't arrive on Friday or before, means something happened to it
i dunwan anything to happen!!
i paid $25 for my hair!! (T__T)
God Bless~~~


Vivi.Chong said...

SNOW!! I love snow..
Which stupid school was that btw? I remember u telling me that story but I forgot which school was it..
I will pray for ur hair too!! XD

♥ㄨMi¢hikㄖ♥ said...

im startin to hate it now..
so hard to walk on the streets ><

yea.. SRJK(C) ChungHwa Likas!!!

yaz said...

oh my. haha. i really want to see snow :(

becareful later,sis xD

♥ㄨMi¢hikㄖ♥ said...

hahas~ snow's perfect =D
*except for the slush*

thx~but im a careless person
i'll be more aware....

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