Sunday, April 26, 2009

Malaysian Association Spring Dance 2009

yesterday was the fiest organized by malaysians at toronto
travelling time almost an hour plus to Brimley Road at DonMills
lol the weather was extremely good til late afternoon when suddenly the sky turned dark and
rained heavily, GOSH i hate the weather+the heavy wind
it messed up my hair! (T_T) hate hate hate~

arrived around 7pm, we are the 1st ones-LOL!
a pretty girl gave out pamplets about beauty pageant, haha~
and another pamplet about the programmes

to my surprise, WOW! my name's on the pamplet! :3
LOL-hahaha~YES i was one of the contestants for the singing competition
wooolala~the pink pamplet~~
the event started past 7.30pm-ish
the 1st round of singing competition started
i was nervous, really, coz im not used to the environment at all
there were 5judges, one of them was Michelle Mabiera- Canadian Idol Finalist
gosh (>_<) heartattack man~pressure pressure!
i had no appetite to eat at all that night...
probably was nervous.. LOL
had sharkfins soup before the 2nd round
someone stole my scallop, and i fucking hate it *rudeness*
yummy food~
had lobster too, tastes like prawnies, :3
took a pic of my dad eating, * he didn't know i took it*

 they were playing this music, my dad asked paul to dance with me
ahhhh shucks~it was really weird, so not used to it- LOL!
fish! steamed-fish! aaaahhh~~
oooo the ticket, $35, mine was free coz i was one of the contestants ^^"
lucky draw, the 1st prize was taken by number 275
*look at the number on the right hand top corner*
Michelle Mabiera, she is awesome! and really gorgeous, love her =D
results were in after her performance
i got 3rd~ 
one of the judges said i got the voice, just need some vocal lessons to boost it up
hahaa, yes i will mister, i will ;P
the emcee for the night was Hua Lee, he told me to add his FB
and should go to his studio sometime for tryouts
cool! i havent been to a studio since 2002 =P
eeeyah~i got $50 for standing 3rd place
LOL basically the results were based on votes from guests
and some marks from the judges as well
LOL hahax
the after party, LOL!!
all a mess! wooh!
the last dish of the day, 紅豆沙糖水
left: akin*real brother*
mid: me
right: paul
LOL he calls my dad "pops"
3 brothers=3 musketeers=3lime mice=3stooges
my dad and i in the subway on the way back home

saw this really cute booth in the mall
took a pic of it
*the event was held in one of the restaurants in the mall*
that was it..
reached home around 12 ish..
showered and went to bed at 4.30am ^^"
was chatting with amanda and my brother..


b e r t said...

congratulations bb~ muacks~ u got no 3 in ur singin competition. u did ur best and u get into top 3. next time try again darlin will get no 1. hubby support u. hehe. my mummy gave laopo de bday bracelet. look pretty and nice at u. hehe. alot nice and delicious food i saw in the pics. make me drippin saliva now. been few months no eat such nice food. everyday eating same food not so healthy food also T.T

♥ㄨMi¢hikㄖ♥ said...

thanks hubby ^.^
muacks~ i love you

en en thx aunty~ i love the braclet ^.^

aiyo, come here~laopo cook for u okie?
my dad owez cook yummy food, wait bb come here i feed u alot~~ hehes

take good care of yourself okie?
drink more water, and EAT! eat healthy!

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