Friday, April 24, 2009

TEN23 v ahMan

today went to karaoke with Amanda
cancelled our plan to Square One mall, so we went to karaoke instead
woots woots! wokeup at 8am and pee-ed~slept back til 9.45am
wokeup and had instand noodle (~_~) LOL
started dressing up at 1pm*i need 2hrs to get ready* haha
went to the station around 3pm
reached TEN23 around 3.38pm
then called amanda to check-out where's she
waited for her til 4pm*happy hour's starts at 4pm*
it was quiet tho, i was all alone, til 4pm people started coming for karaoke
lazy to wait for amanda,so i went in by myself
checked-in at the counter & got myself a membership card
hehe, i always go karaoke,so better get one for myself =P

while waiting for amanda, i sang by myself~sang some really lame songs,
but wasn't really in a mood with singing, LOL!
kept singing and singing til amanda comes
ordered my first drink Iced Horlicks
amanda finally came, whooo~! let amanda sing her songs~ LOL i just
stood there and SS wit the camera, LOL xD

$4.99-korean dumplings, squid, spring rolls, anybody wants to order?

yo amanda hates to take pics.. =(angle from below always makes face look BIGGER-LMAO!
ordered my 2nd drink Iced Chocolate-taste so good~LoL! amanda said taste like baby milk (-.-)heh?两个傻婆~haha! xD
amanda was singing 麦斗~Piggy song - suddenly the guy waiter came in and collect our drinks, then he heard amanda and I singing, amanda suddenly stopped, and i was laughing so hard! LMAO!!! xD that guy was laughing too..hahahhahaha xD that moment was hilarious!! xD
after that went to dinner with amanda at chinese restaurant. ordered fried rice and toufu-FREE SOUP! woohoo~amanda always feeds me so much (=___=)" always let me finish up the rice. HEH?! gaaaahh~ after that accompany amanda home den head home alone~amanda accompanied me at the bus stop too =P TQTQ~
seriously the bus driver was nice today =D i got a good bus driver! LOL! hahas~ and he's cool too, he had a huge tattoo on his right arm! woolala~ he was nice =D he said thank Q and take care~ kakas =P
tomorrow's my singing competition..GOODLUCK to myself..... (^__^)
had fun today!
amanda and I...crazy-ing in K room..LMAO!! xD


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