Wednesday, April 15, 2009


this is going to be a long post coz i havent been posting since Easter break xD
LOL-gomen neh! i was so lazy and had been going home late last few days
so im going to post my Easter holiday stuff~ LOL
which will be...everydat stuff..i guess ><


10th April 09-FRIDAY
went to karaoke with a group of friends
Nicole, Brian, Victor, Terence, Derek, Derrick, Harry, Christian
i guess that was it? LOL! so many people
they wanted me to try out my audition song-听海
i was so afraid that i might break the mic again, but then it didnt! =P

they said i really should sing that song for my audition. oooolala~i'll try my best guys =D

took picture with Terence a.k.a 傻佬 i secretly took a snapshot of Derrick Hung

muahahahaha~feeling sleepy?
i guess the karaoke was really boring? =(

Nicole!! come on say HI! xD
Nicole barely takes pictures with me =(

oh gosh...i was bullied!! ><
LMAOChristian..enjoying your song? LOL!
*Mr. Crispy Porky Rice*
Derrick, Brian, Victor and purple shirt guy-Harry
Harry loves posing infront of the camera.LOL!

okiee Harry, you can stop posing now.LOL!
all pictures were taken by Terence-YEA YEA
11th April 09-SATURDAY
Today went to P-Mall with Amanda, she said she wanted to get shoes for prom
after that met up with the same group of friends again
Terence, Derek, Christian and Brian
went out until 12pm
we went to Ghrotto for tea~ and we played snap and speed? =.="
seriously, amanda's so fast! Heh!
the worst thing is, i accidentally spilled half of my drink
12th April 09-SUNDAY
i totally stayed at home whole day today!
went out grocery shopping with my family
i stayed at home whole day...and did nothing
watched Koizora~*i'll do a review of it later on*
around 8pm-went out for a drink with Nicole and Terence
it took me 30minutes to get to the destination~!
they both stay at the same apartment, so that's why! I had to go there all alone (T_T)
waited them for 30mins =.="
finally decided to go to McDonalds
Nicole!! wakeup!! ~LOL!
we discussed about our song choice and dance moves for Spring Event
went home at 11pm
13th April 09-MONDAY
today's the last day of Easter Break
ooooo i don't want it to end so quick!
it seems like nothing really happen..
time flies! gosh~
Today went out with Amanda again to Scarborough Town Centre(STC)
see see look look-look look see see
we were both trying on dresses for our prom night
lol, i saw this really gorgeous dress, the price? $200++
seriously it was pretty!
we were trying on shoes as well
finally i got my prom dress..
im not gonna show it yet, it'll be a surprise until the real prom night
which is on May 29th =P
*can't wait for that night!*
got home around 10pm
14th April 09-TUESDAY
went back to school, everyone looked really TIRED
LOL-it seems like everyone was having fun time during the break =)
gonna have a religion test on Wednesday
gosh...i didn't study at all =(
everyone wanted to move the test to another day but Ms. L said-NO!
but..YEA! my extensions finally arrived!!
went to shoppers with Nicole to get my stuff =D
*happy happy*

i ordered 7 pieces-$25
pretty pretty!
LOVE IT! (^__^)

gonna wear it on my next event..
teeheee~~~ or probably when i go out =P


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