Friday, May 15, 2009

Mc. Michael's Gallery

Mc. Michael's Gallery
$25 for the cost of everything exclude LUNCH
went to school as usual and got back to school around 2.30pm
after that went to Loreal Warehouse with manda
let us let the pictures to do the talking shall we...
haha..tired to type
stuff i got from the warehouse
wheeeeeee~alot alot alot ^-^
we spent our entire day at the gallery studying paintings and arts
we did our own sketches too, we're getting it back on tuesday
i'll post it up later on =P
there were other elementary school kids as well today in the gallery
during break time...we were sorta wandering around outside...
ashley: "cutie little bunny, pat pat pat."

also..on our way to the gallery...
kelly oh:" ngek ngek ngek, gimme the camera!"

woooh when we were having our lunch....
stephanie: "omg what's that on your camera?!"
theresa: " i duno what's that either!"

we were walking in the woods and all of a sudden
saw this really steep cliff...
ashley...christ angel
after break time it's our tour in the gallery
we were introduced with arts and photographies
nice nice nice, no cameras and drinks, gum, food allowed
after that...BACK TO SCHOOL TIME
the people, Grade 11 and 12s and Ms La Vista >>>
say BAH-BYE to the gallery..
oooo~~the door sign
while on our way to loreal warehouse, manda saw
this really pretty tree
then took a pic of it
after shopping went to korean food with manda..
so expensive
but order
amanda's order..

our desert~
after that walked back home from Steeles West to Finch
took us about 30mins
wooots, the weather was nice today =]
we went to shoppers and tryin to compare the prices of cosmetics to
the cosmetics we bought at warehouse before
the freakin door alarm was weird, it went OFF when manda and I passed thru
WEIRD, that girl kept on asking us to GO BACK, COME FORWARD, GO BACK, bla bla bla
around 9.30pm i facetraded with a girl
i bought a really cute pink dress from her ^-^
wheeeeeeee~ i'll post it up later, havent taken any pics of it yet
around 10pm, accompanied manda to wait for the bus in front of my condo
then head home~
i feel so lonely.....


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