Monday, May 18, 2009

saturday n sunday

portrait de michiko
ok, i have to put this together, blog 2 stories on the same post. LOL
i haven been blogging for past few days, so i might as well put all these together aye? =P

i love my new moustache

went out with amanda on saturday to get our earring racks at Kennedy & Sheppard
after that we went to wal-mart to get sanitizers, really IMPORTANT
H1V1 is getting really serious, CAUTION!

after that we went to have dinner at one of the restaurants,
forgotten what's the name, it's something with Goat and Beef (0_0)
it's an islamic chinese restaurant, havent been into those Halal restaurants awhile
malaysia have lots of them, i miss roti canai+egg+kaya

manda manda..i love how she wears he pajamas out (-__-)"
seriously the chicken was S-A-L-T-Y
we complained. yes indeed. no more next time
manda said she won't be coming back to this restaurant
for me, i would coz i will order another dish, probably taste good

manda insisted to walk home from Birchmount to Finch
i dont know why lately i like to take pics of sunsets...pretty

i love my earring rack...YESH i can finally organize my earrings well
another 1...i used this to hang my bracelets, not enough earrings to hang-onto
on that night....
markie came to our house...
he cut and dyed his hair..well he dyed his hair at our washroom..LOL
the next day...Sunday...
Beauties of Asia 2009 contest
no im not one of the contestants, im not eligible to join..LMAO!
my dad's friend's daughter joined, went to support her, she got into the semi-finals =]
the show went on for almost 3hours, i was so tired!geeez
after that went to P-Mall to have dinner with my family
辣子鸡-not spicy at all, hoho
after that my dad went grocery shopping at market village
my brother and I were hanging-out in the arcade together with paul n calvin
dubz dubz..lookin at them play street fighter (~__~)
tiring day...
my brother dyed his hair red too, i brushed on a few streaks
...outside P-Mall...was waiting for them to finish their tambeh
took some random face shots...

all 3 of us have almost the same expression
hahaha..paul said i can't do that expression, but i did it
ngeksssss x)
my dad said paul's face is superb smooth,
*pinch pinch*
got home around 9pm
felt so bored
went to bed around 3am


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