Friday, May 29, 2009

SJMP Prom 2009

-all that JAZZ 1920s-
appearantly my group of friends, non of them followed the theme
had been waiting for this day for age :)
manda arrived at my house around 2pm
told them to come here early so we have extra time
but then vivi was late :(
so i had to do my own hair first, *which took me 30mins to do it* (-_-)"
i helped manda with her hair and make-up
after that i helped room was in a total mess!
*too bad there weren't any pictures of it*
vivi's mom sent us to the ballroom
we arrived really late. around 7pm and they were calling out DINNER!
let the pictures speak....

me and amanda melissa n melissa, my best twin babeh
my MooMoo~so yeng! *shouts*
we gave ashley a surprise cupcake birthday celebration :)
Happy Birthday ass bum! u
another lovely lady, ViVi
stephanie PAJAMAS-the Amazing Racer! n me..LOL

shannon and I
vernice tolentino n I
another best bitch of mine, Sivanuja aka 7

me and my date*yea sure..stop dreaming* :)
LMAO sabattier OH!-woman!
me and my ass bum, Ashley Cabbat!
frances and I
Klaizle and I *yo sweating hard, the dance floor was HOT*

the drink which everyone was crazy about
1% of tequila+99% juice= LMAO
the first half of the prom was awesome :)


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