Monday, June 29, 2009


lately have been going out to many places with friends
too lazy to blog bout it
basically we just went out and hang-out
LMAO yah that's about it (:
today wokeup at 9.30am
went out with Gordon for chinese food/lunch
yummy (:
he intro 麻辣菜~
wasn't that spicy tho, LOL
but it was nice (:
came home around 2pm
so fast (>_<)
my dad was like "you came home so fast?"
duno how to answer him
LOL it was raining! hate walking in the rain
came home and cam-whored with the webcam a little
with these dumb and LMAO faces
Colgate commercial! LOL =D

Baka was LOL-ing when i showed him this pic
hahaha~ xD
summer arrived
what should i do for whole summer?
hmmm~i thought about doing my own business


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