Thursday, July 23, 2009

miserable life

life had been really miserable lately
you know that feeling,
when you need to talk to someone you are close with,
but they just ignores you? and doesnt care how you feel?
sometimes i love being single :)
sometimes i just don't
single's fun,practically
you can go out and look at cute guys without anyone's concern
you can go out meet new guys without anyone's concern
you can go out til late at night and have fun with friends
that's what i like about being single :)
but sometimes, when you are in that mood..
you just need that special someone to be there for you
erhemz, yea~ someone to comfort you
not your family, but someone who really loves you
i'm talking bout a boyfriend :)
but yea, i think im SINGLE
you can say that im SINGLE
there's no where stated that im in a relationship

life sux lately~it really do
sometimes when im bored, all of a sudden i'll think about him
geeez, what's wrong with me?
nehh i don't love him anymore :) trust me i dont
i'm moving on for a new one
but i don't have a new one -_-"
i guess im just gonna have fun this weekend :)
*everything's gonnabe fine*


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