Monday, August 10, 2009

GB Celebration

do i look like a kid here? yesh i guess so. LOL
went out to have lunch with my family at Keung's yesterday
daddy said wanna bring me out celebrate coz i got accepted into college
eventho just a "college" but my parents are really proud of me ^^
it's not an easy college~LOL
sunglasses~ i wore this top, my dad said
"Isn't that SPRING wear? it's SUMMER now and it's 31 degrees"
*I dont care* LOL

a picture of my brother in the restaurant *showoff* LOL
havent been talkin to him since he came back from Montreal
we talked so much bout his experiences at Montreal while travellin on the bus
ngek ngek...

i was so bored and my eye couldnt stop lookin around in the restaurant
i was lookin at this waiter~*sorta cute*
he caught me lookin at him and he looked back (o^O) woots!
i looked away~ *shy face* LMAO


rice in soup~ooolala...

my brother ordered this..oooooo~~~~
forgotten to take a pic what my dad ordered
but its okie~ LOL XD
after that we went grocery shopping
damn hot weather, hate it (- -)


Vivian ♥ said...

Hey! Don't say just "college" >_>
College is JUST as good as university. They just teach and learn different kind of subjects and different styles ~
Don't think college is easy to get into and pass! You have to work just as hard as going to uni! So ganbatte!
And I actually just want to say... CONGRATZ! <3

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