Saturday, August 8, 2009

Taste of Danforth

Today went to Amanda's hse around 11am, luckily i called before going, she's stil sleepin =_="
went to her house to have a facial mask
we are goin on EMO theme today, emolicious
and took us the whole day to get ready til 6pm we decided to meet up with them
to go to Taste of Danforth (o__o)
let the pictures do the story telling again okiee...
manda's beautiful eye~Geo Ash Wing
*promote promote, we are selling contact lenses, can get from me! ^^*
Honey puffs~ sounds good and taste good
Cinnamon powder/honey, inside is honey too
share with Terence~ $4 for this thing, woosh! (o_o)
I like that name, Butter Tarts XD *hehe*
Terence Ho! Eating PITA aahh? LOL
Look at Terence's face, *yawns* LOL~
Derrick looking at his nails *omg i cracked a nail* LOL~
DOMO DOMO, Derrick's BAG, *kawaii*
Harry, *eating his yummy cracker with beans*?
wooosh~ ^__^ *he's getting skinnier* (-__-)
after that took the subway, it's actually PAPE station
but then somone did something, RAPE?! oh gosh
after that went to Yonge-Finch*my home area*
and ate korean food
my Gam Jah Tong*Porkbone soup* YUMMY
after that we went walkin around my area~
and was waiting for Derrick's brother to pick him up
红豆哥!~~~~~~ hahahaha XD
we wanted to see his brother but he wont let us -_-
after that 3 girls went to Tea 168 and had bubbletea
the guys went home~ vivi and manda slept over at my place
vivi, mine, manda
after that we walk home~halfway walkin theres this group of korean hotties
"yoo yoo yoo" at us (0__0)
ahahahahaha!~ XD *anyways*
*shes so pretty right*? hoho~
okiee back to today's morning... mask with my face *i look like ...not an alien*

a video of Terence tickled by Vivi and Derrick, LMAO
Derrick drawing on his bag~ LOL he was so serious


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