Tuesday, September 8, 2009

1st Day of College

*my name tag*
1st day of college is awesome ^^
woke up around 10am today~ my first class starts at 3pm
went to the subway and travelled all the way down~hoho
we did many things today since it was a 3hours class~
ice breaking session
ble ble ble
the paper hand-outs given~! woosh we already have our 1st assignment!
dats really quick (o__o)

a snapshot of my classroom~ MACS!

another shot.hehe
there were around 20 people for my batch
there are actually MORE students at earlier classes
we had to pair up in pairs to do a mini project~
we were given name tags and we had to go out to the streets..
and ask people..
so a white girl name Emily paired up with me, she's from Oakville ^_^
so we went around, and started asking people. LOL~
a guy gave us his business card and hoping us to join him? LOL
here are some pictures we took which relates to graphic design..

i'm sorry if you dont know what graphic design is

and i feel sorry for you too if you think WE won't make money in the future

and i feel even much sorry if you think my profession won't have any good future

PEOPLE! look around you, everything's created by graphic designers :)
i quoted this because many people think that this profession is lame
well screw you. LOL
*period pain, hurts so damn badly, 1st day of college and i got my period,wth?*
all girls get period, don't you dare think that this is abnormal.


Liang said...

Wow your first day looked awesome! I love the longhorn image haha. I actually go to the University of Texas.. hook 'em horns!

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