Saturday, September 12, 2009

my college days?

ASSIGNMENTS! yes 3 of them already
typography done by me, please dont steal it =]
gonna show u guys wat happened these days~
was early for english class, so waited outside and took a pic of it

the lecturer let us off early so we had 2hours of break time
the next class starts at 3pm
so Lisanne and I walked to Eatons =D
and we had lunch~
Lisanne's lunch, poutine! Eat more woman! lol~
there she is~~*she didnt notice this shot*
ooppps~ she poses for the camera. LOL
my one and only lunch, cost me freakin $6.20 for this small thing
CHICKEN! and rice
after that we went to Indigo bookstore and check out some graphic books
went to Taiwanfest volunteer appreciation party at McKee Ave
finch station was stuck, ONCE AGAIN
so i walked from sheppard to north york =.="
halfway almost to finch stn den i saw McKee Ave, *suspicious*
coz it says its near finch stn, but bleh~ so weird~
so i called Derrick to walk down and we went together
the party room~
女人!!~~~so sexaaay. LOL!
brother helped out Paul at korean fest
hoho~ nice
BBQ boys
cheer for the chicken sticks! YUMMAY
a pretty view of nyc =D
fyi, it's north york center, not new york city
after that went shopping with daddy =]
bought stationaries for school~
my new baggie, =]
love it

inside my baggie, YESH LOTSA STUFF
these are the stuff i bought~oh gosh.
i guess thats it
have 2 more assignments to go


Liang said...

you school looks so modern and badass haha :]

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