Sunday, September 6, 2009

kowan's surprise party

i took the bus to silver star blvd DESTINY's to meet up with the crew to give Kowan a surprise birthday party (:
went to BBT place and booked a place for 10~waited for them to come
then we were all hiding in the washroom and suddenly all of us came out to give Kowan a surprise
Koko getting ready to blow out the candle ^_^
the tasty and yummy cake~
Derrick gave me his strawberry, he didnt want it.awwww~女人!Dancy XD
terence's cake, there's blueberry, wooooh!~
eeeeks Terence! camwhore XD
a condom =.=" belongs to Terence. hahahaha~ Jason gave it to him
he got it from his school? I think from some kinda campaign~bleh
nice colour
my drink of the day, Lychee Soda+tapioca

Terence's tapioca~LOL i think they forgotten to add in for him into his drink
they gave him on a separate cup instead. LOL

Terence's drink of the day~
Picture time again! LMAO! dont we just love to use tapiocas as broken holes on our teeth?
again~ Terence owez looks retarted in this kinda pics. hahahahaha XD
*if he's readin this he'll probably be mad at me,or maybe laughin*
after that we went to walk around at P-Mall~
went to eat 豆腐花~
after that Steven, Derrick, Terence and I went to have dinner at NakWon (:
near my house! i just love coming to 乐园~LOL
coz of the yummy side dishes!
i never get bored of it~ yesh
derrick couldn't stop saying shutup
he said it.. SIAATAP
sounds like Malay to me. LOL
after food the 3 clucks clucks went to my place and played for awhile
derrick was smashing my keyboard
steven was havin a fun time thinkin bout his expired pizza
terence was busy squeezin puzz from pimp
have a great nite guys.LOL


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