Saturday, October 3, 2009

happy mooncake festival

mooncake festival :)
i havent been bloggin lately
geez! and gettin less visitors in my blog
*aint a good news*
means nobody cares wat i talk about.LOL
being a graphic designer student isnt an easy job~
have to draw ALOT!
yesh i mean real DRAWING, BUSY! hecka~!

a pieca artwork of mine. im not satisfied wit it somehow

had dinner wit my family today :)
too bad mom isnt beside us to celebrate, but its okie
after dinner went out wit simon~
he brought me to see moon? =.="

canada's moon. yesh
but actualy we all see the same moon
okie, ntg much to blog about
life's pretty much the same
im still me, me still me.LOL
yaaah~life goes on.
bla bla bla


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