Monday, October 5, 2009

suck it up

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i seriously have done NOTHING lately
i stayed hom for the past 2 days?
lying around playing games
today is Monday afternoon
and i duno what hecka im doing here
if i have a metropass i would just take the bus to York Uni and visit my friends
or take the subway to visit my brother to his school
or take the bus to visit man ho
or somewhere else, i dont know
life's been really -blank- lately
i should say~i have no idea why is this happening
school started and there's completely nothing going on in my life besides assignments and school
that's it! ain't that boring? i guess it is
lately i went onto my old msn accounts
chatted with a really old net friend of mine Javen, known each other for slightly 3years i guess?
LOL but stopped talkin since 3 years ago, WOW!
and another good net friend of mine, Kim Yew! *guy* not girl. hahaha :)
i miss him!
we've known each other for 5years! WHOA!
i told him i saw him at the bridge near Sungei Wang when i was at KL but he doubt that he saw me
yea i know, but it's okiee i'll visit u when i go bek! ;P
lately have been contacting my old pals
like Vivienne, awww i miss her!! :( sobs
glad to hear news from her, haha~cha cha cha
if you are reading this, I LOVE U! ❤
aaahh~ those good times and memories
i sorta miss the old me
like the old old old me who just doesnt know anything and being so pure and innocent?
ok i sound so dumb here. haha
but anyways...
autumn's here..
weather is freezin...
and people are getting sick
take care of your bodies!


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