Wednesday, October 28, 2009

intersession week

im back with my blonde hair.. YAY!!!
my hair is growing rapidly SLOW
and yesh it's still brownish black and SHORTY
miss my blonde hair lots lots~
it's intersession week this week
means there's no class! woohoo
but guess what? it doesnt feel like there's no class
in fact. i have ALOT of work to do
seriously, piled up work!
i got so fedup and sorta stress and now mah body aint feeling good
so what are you guys up to this Halloween?
im gonna be in an event
and for those Canadians or people who are visiting Ontario Toronto
you guys are mostly welcome to join meh :)
as in.. "let me scare you and you be the innocent human" join me kinda thing
LOL coz imma be the ghost -ngeks-
click this link below and click ATTEND!
please please please
do attend! lotsa efforts had been put into this and we really hope more people will join us
scary or not scary, it's the experience that matters rite? =P


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