Sunday, November 1, 2009

☠Happy Halloween!☠

-my day 2 look-
halloween was awesome for me! ^_^
i was havin so much fun scaring people in the haunted house volunteer event for 2days~
-my day 1 look-
fortunately i got the chance to scare alot of people. ngeks! XD
nooo im not was my job to do so, YESH!~
was pretty tired waiting for people to enter the door and get ready to scare them from the corner.LOL
tiring but fun
awesome experience for me~
did my own makeup and help a few other 'ghosts' with their makeup too :)

some ghostly pictures!

i didnt know that ghost eats chicken? with chopsticks? LOL!
second day....i got home around 11.30pm
went out trick treatin with tina and amanda~ wooolala
got so many candies! wahkakakak~after that we went to wendy's
people were starring at me -__-" and 3 of us of course
after that went to T&T to walk around and buy some food
people continued starring at me..okieee... im HUMAN with flesh+blood =P
tina and I was disguised as dead school girls. cuteee! =3
after i got home my dad saw my make-up. he was just speechless? LOL
some candies i got from trick treating! wheeee~~~
hope you guys had fun ^_^


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