Friday, October 16, 2009

school fun?

so i was in class today for english and we weren't doing anything at all~
so i was just playing games and browsing. teeehee
all of a sudden the power in my school cut off -__-
and YAY class cancelled! LOL~~
so we went to Eaton's Centre and shop ~
here a review of what i was doin for the past few days :)
in drawing class, we had to be 150 maniquin heads as homework+colour

in class, Vince was showing us how to draw heads. male+female

so here is a close up of my work :)

and during class time we had to do 100 maniquin heads male+female~~ LOL

and this is Lisanne's headphone, doesn't it look like ELMO to u ? LOL!!
the red ELMO
so this is Lisanne in english class.
yesh we were playing TINIER ME. hoho

outside of Eaton's Centre, we saw some event going on
basketball tournament? in the cold? LOL exactly!
YESH korean grill, we are gonna eat in it
NOW im at TEA SHOP 168 having BBT with hanna, vince, and lisanne
karen went home coz she was too bored? LOL
saw this really cute sign~~ and took a pic of it.teehee``
here's vince and hanna~hehe. saw my blog?
was gonna blog. LOL
here's Hanna.acting really cute. LOL!! XD yea...we are gonna have korean grill dinner later..hoho~
and then....i duno. LOL


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