Wednesday, October 14, 2009


okay, firstly, i love blogging. but i couldn't find the time to do so
even if i do have the time to blog, my mood won't let me do it
same as usual, im really busy with my school stuff -REALLY-
being a graphic designing student ain't easy. DRAW DRAW DRAW
ALOT, 1st year student that is~
i just finished drawing my 100 human heads for drawing class and 30 fonts for typography
will try to post up the pics later :)
life is always filled with stuff, good/bad/happy/sad
trying to make myself feel happier than ever but fail
nontheless i dont know why,
-seems like a piece of me is not inside me-
do you get what i mean?
felt like i've lost something inside of me
-i dont know why-
kept having this feeling ever since few months ago?
down down down
yah i'm talking about LIFE again, -boring subject-
but seriously there's nothing much going on in my life?
school, home, friends, family
that's it. haha
but actualy there are alot of things going on,
little things, big things?
i baked cookies few days ago and had my classmates to try them
thanks guys! tqtqtq~ ^_^
oatmeal cookie, looks healthy but then calories.. SKY HIGH
my mood now: EMPTY
trying to be happy but barely could
imma try to redesign my blog when im free
i really need to do so, had been having this layout FOREVER
which somewhat boreds me and people out
no wonder some people stopped following my blog :'(
am i a boring person?


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