Wednesday, November 11, 2009


tina 美女小妹~~^__^
had a volunteer appreciation party on sunday~
it was pretty fun
had games and stuff ^__^
i thought class was as usual on tuesday
but then i got news from Marshall
she said that Doug got sick and called-in for leave
wooots! i get 2 days off this week.wheeeeee~~ ^__^
so i stayed home to continue my homework
i was so hardworkin for the past few days!
mah sexy human bodies for DRAWING I.
LOL screwed up the 1st body. geeez~

as i peeked thru my window. wanted to open it
but den i found something really disgustin
it's tis bug..
i had INSECTS!!
like seriously! i duno how did it came in
but anyway. it is disgusting. LOL
eyes are so tired lately
probably coz had been facing the computer for long long time


Tina 錡錡 said...

OMG! 姊, 為什麼我沒露到! kakaka!! lmao!

good thing I had on a little eye makeup that day.. if not... OMFG! kakaka~~~

that...was a very "memorable" day! lmao!

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