Monday, November 23, 2009

SM Entertainment Audition

yes. i went to audition for this event
unintentionally, unprepared, pop-in
LOL the double Ss brought me to the spot and they wanted me to try out
i went unprepared! dressed so normal and no water!
yesh they told me to sing. ok ~
so this is what happened...
we went for korean lunch together~at Yonge & Finch. lol
we talked, we ate, stef N and I bullied stef P. LOL hilarious!
stef N was doin stef P's makeup in the washroom..gagaga
ahhh geee~~~
then we walked over to my condo to grab "something" haha
was finding my nails, everywhere. gosh (-__-)
after that we took the bus to get to the audition ~
actualy the double Ss were gona go there and have a look
INSTEAD....they wanted me to try out
okieee fine =3
on the bus i did stef P's hair..she loved it. haha
so yea~~ audition time
many koreans, asians
KOREANS! guys..omg they are soo cute -seriously- they are
my number~ T539
number 500th to audition(-__-)"
no worries, there were 600s too. LOL
a pic of the double Ss at the audition
they didnt wanna audition, just wanted to support+accompany me
thanks guys. i love you all. lol
a shot of ppl waiting~~ there's a big screen on the stage
preview on korean/asian singers/stars
soo many people! i know~ LOL
we waited for almost 3hours
and yesh finally my turn
was tryin to calm myself down and dun be nervous
luckily i had a song in my mind. 听海 my classic. =P
went into the audition room and there were 3 judges? 2 ladies 1 guy
there were 20 or or ppl in the room (-___-)
all had to perform in front of everyone. OK~!
and they had a video cam recordin wat we were doing
so yea i sang for half a min. which is pretty good i guess? coz some other ppl didnt get to sing long enuf
i hope it'll be all good
results are comin out a month after


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