Monday, December 21, 2009

Double post- Sat/Sun

ok so this is gonnabe a double post-long one to read. LOL
really busy lately i think? since holiday started im busier coz im always outside.

as usual on a weekend we did our family shopping, daddy brought us to chinatown (:
and my bro and got lotsa sexy stuff for ourselves. LOL
one of the sexy things is this really cute glasses i got for only 10cents
my brother and I each bought one. just for fun =D
yah this is my brother, he looks so cute in this photo. LOL with that glasses
we went to chinatown and was waiting for my dad to get his grocery shopping done
then we went to a mini vietnamese cafe in a mall got ordered some drink and spring rolls =D
the rolls taste AWESOME! vietnamese rolls. hoho =P
bro bro and I :)
bought some new stuff for myself.
new boots. yea im a SIZE 9 on the feet
shutup if you think my size is huge.
and some other stuff. those packets are stuff to repair some of my spoiled earrings
some head warmers...

today is Nicole's birthday outing~
went for karaoke.. here's the group
after karaoke Derrick drove all of us ~
we stopped by at Terence's place because there wasnt enough space to fit 8 people in the car (-__-)

so poor Derrick had to go twice! -sigh-
he dropped us off at Korean BBQ place
Nicole, Christine, Jason and I waited for the other 4 guy to arrive.
teehee the birthday girl
and this charming lady a new friend of mine Christine :)
*she's actually Nicole's classmate at U, so i met her at karaoke*

we waited, and Jason saw the menu...
i saw it too and we were both ---> =O *shocked* i think. LOL
after 10pm they charge each person $8.99 for the BBQ
so we waited. from 9.30pm til 10pm~LOL
and then..the cooking starts!!!
after food Derrick drove the guys home first
Nicole, Christine and I waited and walked around~
and we walked to Tea168(BBT place)
Nicole wanted to have some cake. but den no cake~ :(

so we ordered some drinks and we played JENGA!! =O
woolala~ scary
those 2 girls kept on freakin me out by pulling out really dangerous sticks (-___-)"
20mins of laughter/excited/joy ...
Derrick arrived, and he sent us all home
*such a nice boy :'( *
in the car...kind blurry~deeh
we sent Christine home first coz she stays in campus.
then we sent Nicole home~i went home last, coz i live no where near them (-___-)"
LOL~it was around 1 something midnight
Derrick was tired
I was tired too (>___<)
long day long night
*photo took in Derrick's car by Christine*
yea i dont care~the night was long and i was out all day already
my hair flattened (-___-) and my looks? yea you can see superb TIRED
but still was trying hard to pose "well" in front of the camera. LOL

got home around 1.30am?
sleeping soon...

blog for more on coming days
♥ -xoxo-♥


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