Friday, December 18, 2009

happy hour

my school look for the day :)
wheee today is friday and it's the last day of the semester!
and i'll get 3 weeks off! wheeee!
everyone had to go to class today because we were doing our project's presentations
so we had a slight 3 hours sit and listened to mates presenting their works
got over mine pretty well. teehee :)

so we got off around 5.40pm
and a few of us took the streetcar to spadina(where Giovanny lives)
we were gonna have a small celebration/party for the last day. hoho

while waiting for Karen to get her money from the bank, all of them posed like models
LOL. sexy
after that we walked about a few blocks and got to Giovanny's place.
really cute/small room, but awesome :)
had lotsa papers for us to paint/draw. teehee!

after that we walked out to grab some food
and we all went to this mini restaurant at the corner and grabbed some BURITOS
the peeps
darn the freakin photo it flipped by itself (-___-)
gaah whatever!
i ordered Ground Beef spicy burrito, Karen followed what i ordered. LOL
and yah she was yelling hard for the over superb spiciness of the BURRITO. ooo poor karen

deng a really chubby photo of myself, but yah nevermind
i still wanna show you guys my sexy BURRITO. LMAO

after food we went to LCBO(alcohol store) and got some "drinks"
yesh indeed. I didn't get any~ hoho
after that we all walked back to Giovanny's place
and then..
the party started.... LOL
we shared some alcohol
had Korean SOJU, 百岁酒, RUM, and coke.haha
Karan was so adorable! Asking for people's hats and wear them and eventually took pics of people's hats on his head. haha~ XD
wheee even Karen wanted to try Felipe's hat. LOL~! XD
behind is Lisa, i still remember what she said..
"No I don't wanna be in the picture!"
*she moves away*
a mini group photo
-doesn't include the whole sexy group-
my drawing on the wall! OINK~ haha
Karen and Das, both sexy/pretty ladies. ❤
Karen and I.
-no those aren't cigs, just sticks with cream.LOL-
another new stick partner of mine. KELLI!!
met her at the party
really nice/sweet girl :)
she's also 1st year at GBC, but different class
only saw her at lecture all the time but didn't get the chance to know each other
-my face is red, i know. was drunk-

karen, kelli and I went home around 9.30pm
the gang didn't want us to leave. :( too early? -sigh-
but i couldn't stay out so late~ not that i have a curfew..
but it's just that im scared to go home alone in the middle of the night
because of the area i was in as well...freakin scary at night.

i hugged the gang goodbye. yah i was still in my hyper mode

anyway! we waited for the streetcar for 20mins
long story not gonna say it. LOL
we went to the subway then Kelli met her friend. Kathy =D
also another year 1 in GBC
ahh gee then we chit-chatted all the way in the subway
they got off at Sheppard
i had to take the train back to Finch. alone.

i planned to take the bus home, it's just 1 stop...
i didn't wanna walk in the cold, thats why. usually i walk. it's faster.hehe
when i got to the bus station i saw the bus and there was less people...
i went onto it..
1min passed and the bus was PACKED with people..OMG
i hate it
so i got off and walked home (-___-)
in the cold..

however..i got home around 12 i think? haha~
lovely night with my friends
see you all on the 11th Jan 2010
miss ya'll
❤ you guys



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